Table Yoli

Solid wood

Unique design

Superior quality

Massive coffee table for coffee, party or snack.

The ideal table for your family, Yoli is an example of a little jewel accessory for your home. The table is made of one piece and can not be disassembled.

Coffee table Yoli is varnished without coloring. The legs are made of powdered iron, in combination with wood.

It is suitable for refreshment of every seating area.

The table is unique.

Combination of quality materials including resin, wood. No coloring - natural coloring of the wood. In addition to the usual furniture, the idea arises to bring a new line "on and around the table" on the market.

Sophisticated design for breakfast, lunch and party. The table is characterized by a minimalist and eternal appearance.

Specification and information

1.  Height  

545 мм

2.  Thickness         

75 мм

3.  Length        

1310 мм

4.  Width  

580 мм

5. Material on top of the table - King-Borisova fir (Abies borisii-regis, acrylic lacquer, polyester varnish

6. Foot material - Iron, anti-corrosion coating, powder-coated black

MODERATO means personalization, uniqueness made with passion.


This means: maximum flexibility, respect for wood and its specifics.


Everything is possible with MODERATO - from solid oak or walnut to fir, varnish and resin. Thanks to archetypal architectural design, you can customize your furniture to the smallest detail.


Especially for the table, they are designed from "extreme" to very functional, with which you can turn your family table into a home office or create a place for a party or coffee.

Personal delivery (to 5 weeks)





Expert knowledge with passion


Designed with respect to the nature

Piece by piece handmade


Address:  Krumovo, reg. Plovdiv

Telephone 0887 71 29 77


Passionate design

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