Our country has a rich history and tradition in the furniture industry. Moderato translate this centuries-old tradition in a fresh concept exquisite line of nature. The tables are handmade and finished in studio in Plovdiv. You will receive a  unique wood table with a exclusive,  identity certificate as tangible proof of traditional craftsmanship. Is it impossible, how do you think? Absolutely not. With Moderato, traditional quality is nearby. You buy the tables directly from us without the intervention of a distributor or retailer. This saves time for the drink.

Choosing a table is something that takes time.  Subjects that should be viewed and used. They are touch to  the nature, which seduce with their forms.

Make your life more beautiful, but also more comfortable. Furniture that matters to your family,   which you are transmitting to your children or grandchildren. Design without bluff, unpretentious and sophisticated bit of nature for today and tomorrow.

The brand is everything, thanks to the extremely precise shapes, the traditional craftsmanship and the best wood materials. A reflection of how you live and work today, and at the same time a bridge to the future.

In other words: new antiques

Your Moderate Tables are made by a passionate fan of wood and natural appearance. He chooses the best wood materials, adjusts the parts and collects them in one. We attach great importance to personal approach. Quality prevails! You will then receive a certificate with the name of the manufacturer, the type of wood.

Just to say:  With Moderato you get an authentic piece of passion...

In addition to not throw away what nature has created, combined resin and wood. The idea arises to bring to the market a new line characterized by a modern and eternal appearance.

Do you really want to try  our quality? Come and look at the studio on site while the furniture maker works over your future table. Craftsmanship has never been so close. Working together with Modar - 2002, a woodworking based in Krumovo, we remain faithful to the craftsman approach.

The family business was founded in the 1990s by Georgi Milev,   which his son Milen builds and expands  with  wooden countertops.

Тhis sets the foundations  to accumulate a vast amount of hard-core experience.

We emphasize more than ever the essence:   furniture from nature.

With OUR  experience,   in interaction with wood, the Moderator draws a map of local mastery. Consequently, the company does not invest in CNC machines but in manual mode.


Expert knowledge with passion


Designed with respect to the nature

Piece by piece handmade


Address:  Krumovo, reg. Plovdiv

Telephone 0887 71 29 77

e-mail: contacts@moderato.bg

Passionate design

© 2018 by Moderato

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