Thank you for purchasing a Moderato product. MOD's mission is to produce products that meet the highest requirements for design, quality and functionality.

Our manufacturing and manufacturing are based on the principles of original manufacturing hand-made technology, tested for years of tradition and improved with the latest knowledge in design and other manufacturing technologies.

The wooden countertops and tables are made of natural wood. Their natural origin is manifested by color change, defects in tree growth and branching, structural changes or micro cracks. These are not defects, but on the contrary. Every table of MOD wood is a unique piece of wood made of human hands. You can be sure no one else will have the same MOD table as you.

Regular professional care extends the life of each product, thus increasing the satisfaction of using it.

Let us let you know how to best use MOD products and how to take care of them.


Just as people are affected by extreme environmental impacts, the same effect occurs on table made of natural materials. Unusual - Relative humidity (less than 40% or over 60%) can negatively affect the tree , causing shape deformation.

If the wood is exposed to direct sunlight or other heat sources (fireplace, cooker, heating radiator, etc.), the color may change, some cracks may appear. This is a normal and common phenomenon that happens in the middle of your life. The environment also includes nails of your pets, metal parts of clothing and hard seams, kitchen knives and other sharp objects which, when used without proper attention, also cause scratches and other damage to the surface of the tree.

                                                                  WOOD BOARD

Each piece of wood has its unique character and texture, meaning that there are no identical products, and that identical types of tops or tables and complementary elements such as legs can not be guaranteed.

Nodes and cores are common features of naturally growing material. Our tables may contain small knots or knots that document the natural origin of the wood.

The very structure of the tree and the method of processing lead to different reactions of the individual parts to the coloring and finishing materials.

UV rays cause color variations in solid wood. Also, the oxidation of the color caused by ultraviolet radiation will vary for different parts of the hob, depending on the frequency of use.

These changes can not be the subject of claims.

The tree as a natural material constantly breathes and reacts to the environment. As a result, micro cracks in the varnish may appear or the wood texture may slightly rise during the life of the wood.

Liquids act negatively on the surface, soaking with liquids will cause stains as well as prints from bottoms of glass objects. Therefore, all spilled fluids should be wiped out immediately.

The lacquered or oiled surface can also change color or damage by placing a hot surface on the table. This undesirable effect can be prevented by careful handling and use of insulating pads under the hot bottoms. Another natural reaction to the environment is the deviation of the form in products with hand-made wooden parts.

Distortion or shifting during transport may occur. This is not a defect in the product as this condition is removed by tightening the joints. A tolerance of ± 3 mm is defined for solid wood mass to account for environmental impacts over time.

This tolerance also applies to legs of the table top to the legs or to the additional panels. Spontaneous bending of individual parts of the table is prevented by reinforcing the underside at all sizes.

Maintenance of lacquered and oiled surfaces.

Lacquered surfaces usually do not require special maintenance.

Clean the dust with a soft, clean, dry cloth without moss. When cleaning the masses, do not force too hard to avoid irreversibly polishing the surface. Immediately wipe off spilled liquids. Do not leave greasy wet and other stains to dry on the surface, wipe them immediately with a moistened cotton cloth and then wipe the surface to dry until dry. Cleaning and treatment with special disinfectants is not necessary. However, if you do, follow the manufacturer's manufacturer's instructions and test them first in a less visible area.

!!!!!! Never use concentrates or abrasives (abrasive and polishing pastes, powders) as they could scratch and damage the lacquered surface. Never use polish for furniture or other products containing oils or waxes on a matte surface as they would cause uneven gloss and stains on the surface.

                                                             NATURAL OILS AND WAXES

Oil coverage of wood surfaces requires regular care and prevention combined with careful use. Wipe the wooden parts with a soft, clean and dry cloth without moss. Drain surface liquids immediately after tapping with a textile or paper towel; do not pollute the surface fluid unnecessarily. Then wipe the surface well in the direction of the wood fiber until it dries. Do not allow greasy stains to dry, immediately remove and wipe the area using the same procedure.

It is advisable to regularly check the presence of oil and apply a new layer of oil when necessary. Wood absorbs the oils during production and therefore the surface may be coarser in contact or porous areas. Oils and waxes dry naturally. Spots, shiny edges, small scratches and more. can be corrected with a new oil layer. If you use an adjustment kit recommended by the manufacturer, follow the instructions for use carefully. If you use other commercially available oil treatment products, follow the manufacturer's instructions and test the product first in a less visible area. 


!!!!!! Never use concentrates or abrasives (abrasive and polishing pastes) as they could scratch and damage the grease.


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